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3.4.0 and Firefox Browser problem

Posted: 30 Jun 2015, 16:06
by gtummond
I have been using build 3.3.0 and have just started trying out 3.4.0 but I am running into a strange issue.
When I select Firefox as my browser it starts the download. Never progresses past [1] and then nothing but the splash screen.
If I restart the session, I then get the wizard but the browser is unavailable.

I tried then selecting the Crome browser and all worked as expected.
Went back to Firefox and again the same result.

Any ideas?

Re: 3.4.0 and Firefox Browser problem

Posted: 03 Jul 2015, 19:50
by fanthom
strange - please remaster the ISO as per kiosk documentation and include 002-firefox.xzm in the ISO so it wont have to be downloaded from the server:

that should work.