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Firefox slow to refresh

Posted: 13 Jan 2015, 17:11
by dallaby
I have setup the kiosk to open a specific webpage.. When I boot Porteus it seems to load up fine, firefox opens then it spins on 'connecting' then loads the page.. I am able to browse around perfectly.. The problem is if I leave the kiosk sit for even 2 minutes then go and click a link on the webpage the tab at the top says 'connecting' and spins for approx 15 seconds before it loads the page.. If I click more links right away it is very fast again..

I have tried the kiosk image on several computers and I know it is not the particular website as I also can replicate it by leaving google open and wait 2 min then type another search and hit enter, then it just spins for 15 seconds and then does the search.. Is there anything I am missing? It seems like firefox is going to sleep or something..??

Re: Firefox slow to refresh

Posted: 14 Jan 2015, 09:42
by fanthom
i think it's kernel (or certain network driver) putting device to sleep. please enable 'debug mode' in the wizard and send generated report to me on address.

thank you