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Full HD problem

Posted: 22 Feb 2014, 20:53
by Pidi
First of all: i'm compleet new to Porteus.

I've used the wizard to make a Kiosk iso and got it running.
The only problem i have is that it looks like my resolution (1920x1080) is supported by porteus itself, but not by the browser.
Background image i provided in the wizard looks fine, touchscreen works fine, but my browser is only displaying in 1024x768.

When looking up the supported resolutions with xrandr the 1920x1080 resolution is there.
Had to use another linux version to do this because i don't know i can get into text mode with the kiosk version.


Re: Full HD problem

Posted: 22 Feb 2014, 21:57
by fanthom
hi Pidi,

should be fixed now - please create new ISO and if issue persist then upload it somewhere -> link here so i can check it manually.

Re: Full HD problem

Posted: 24 Feb 2014, 08:36
by Pidi
Problem is solved, it works perfect now! Thank you.