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Incorrect time

Posted: 26 Nov 2013, 06:37
by qbicdesign
My kiosk is setup to show a webpage which includes some realtime logging information from another server.
The log times shown by Porteus Kiosk are wrong. I can view the same page on my own PC and the time is correct.
As far as i can tell, the wizard doesn't include any option to set timezone, get time from internet timeserver, or to force the BIOS time settings to be used.
Is there a workaround for this?
Could a time settings feature be added to the wizard?

Re: Incorrect time

Posted: 26 Nov 2013, 08:06
by fanthom
not sure how far your customizations are made but maybe this unofficial ISO would be enough for you: ... 124#p18754

if not then i'll update kiosk ISO/wizard without version bump (not enough changes for this).