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[SOLVED] Terminal size in kiosk-wizard v.2.1.1

Posted: 18 Oct 2013, 06:44
by erw
with porteus 2.1.1 I downloaded to /home/guests/Downloads.
There I opened with F4 a terminal typed there su and PW toor and as root ./
Then popped up:
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Team Porteus..........

Your current terminal size is too small and wizard wont be able run.
Please maximize it or resize to at least 80 columns and 35 lines.

Preass enter to exit.

Where I can maximize or resize the columes and lines?
My comp is an old aspire one ZG5 netbook.

Re: Problem with kiosk-wizard v.2.1.1

Posted: 18 Oct 2013, 07:23
by erw
Finally I got it with left click on LXterminal.