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silent or scripted install

Posted: 09 Oct 2017, 19:59
by Chris
I will be setting up several Kiosk Cloud clients and all will be exactly the same... I am looking for a way to install from a USB, but to eliminate the most time consuming part which is selecting DHCP then clicking past the proxy question, then selecting Chrome, then....then.... etc. So I select the same set of options all the way to the end where it shows the config file it has loaded and then asks where I want to install it. Then installs it after I say where and click next.

PLEASE NOTE*** I am already using a configuration file to load the configuration options like I want. I am hoping that there is a file or something I can use to make the INSTALL options be pre-selected and will just jump to the install confirmation.

silent or scripted install

Posted: 10 Oct 2017, 17:12
by fanthom
You could install all the kiosks just once, enable 'automatic updates' service and forget about them.

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silent or scripted install

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 18:47
by Chris
I see value in what you say, except that post install maintenance and updating isn't really the issue. The PC's are all organized in groups that draw their configuration from a network web file server location and that part is working well so there isn't really an issue once it gets installed. I am just looking at cutting down on the clicks and potential for error in the install itself. I am doing basically the same 12 steps again and again. Click on wired, click on DHCP, click on Chome, Accept EULA, then click to accept the configuration.... Then after it loads and installs Chrome, I click to select network config, then I type where to get the config, then I test the config, then I accept the config, then.. then.. then.. its the same every time. Even if I could just bounce it to where I type the config location that would help, though being able to config that too would be nice. I understand some of those have to be there, like the install location, but man a editable config launch file would save 90% of the time when your installing 30-40 exactly the same.