Thermal Printers

New features which should be implemented in Porteus Kiosk Edition and the kiosk wizard.
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Thermal Printers

Post#1 by Gabu » 16 Jun 2015, 22:37

I have been trying Porteus Kiosk and it is really good for what it is intended for.

I just wished the wizard had support for thermal printers like Bixolon SRP-350III and Epson TM-T88V (both which have linux drivers available).

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Re: Thermal Printers

Post#2 by fanthom » 17 Jun 2015, 09:04

mentioned drivers are not available in Gentoo repositories so their maintenance would be not be easy. EPSON requires starting of their own printing services so kiosk would have to be smart enough to start them only when EPSON printer is discovered. this is adding another layer of complexity.

I'll rather keep them out of default image. i could implement support for these printers through the custom builds service:

so please contact me if you are interested.
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