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by bour59
15 Jun 2011, 17:00
Forum: Development
Topic: Porteus Documentation--Development and Process
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Re: Porteus Documentation--Development and Process

I've just discover that I can see the structure of .xzm under windows
using last 7zip !
but for now Ican't modify anything .. Useful ? or gadget.
by bour59
04 Jun 2011, 13:52
Forum: Development
Topic: Implement more things GUI?
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Re: Implement more things GUI?

Sorry to disturb you within a serious thread It's a way of life when I want to eat potatoes I prefer using a knife to dress them ,cooki and prepare at wy own. I can understand buying potatoes in a cooked bag ! It's easyer, cheaper .. the other way is better (sure I allready have a knife) Seriously :...
by bour59
02 Jun 2011, 06:54
Forum: General chat
Topic: [sticky] Just To Say Hi
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Re: Just To Say Hi

I'm here everyday (with or without loging)
I currently happyly use v1.0-rc2 32
thanks Hamza for your script install firefox (change only us by fr)