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by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 19:53
Forum: gFBoot
Topic: [SOLVED] -- udev issue on my build
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Re: udev issue on my build

I noticed that I tried to play a dvd and I used mplayer command and it did not work?

So I did a
ln -s /dev/dvd /dev/sr0
and then mplayer played dvd. But to try to answer your question, please check

maybe it can help?
by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 19:35
Forum: General chat
Topic: Video FAQ
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Re: Video FAQ


If you don't mind, please do a
sed -i 's/Slax-Remix/slax/g'. :) until a new name is appproved for Remix distro :) But thanks to you we are in business :)
by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 19:30
Forum: General chat
Topic: Forum categories ... your say
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Re: Forum categories ... your say

How do you install slax-remix? Which filesystem will you use? advantages/disadvantages to each filesystem? Will you use lilo or syslinux to boot your usb stick? How can one make modules? Who will be in charge of approving modules if there is such a need? Will users be able to post modules/code to sh...
by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 19:22
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My page referenced above is down :(, don't know what is wrong. Contact me via email and/or here, and I can see how I can help with dialup issues. *Note for conexant based modems, linuxant issues free 14K limited drivers, this is a difficult thing, only if you have DELL computer you can get/may get f...
by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 19:10
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Topic: [Slax-Remix] v09 i486/
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Re: [Slax-Remix] v09 i486/

I have a question, any users out there that need/require help with connecting to internet via dialup with a winModem? If there are, please let me know to see how I can try to help. I have been dormant with regards to some modules, and no one has asked for new remix sq4 modules for some of the old mo...
by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 19:04
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Topic: New members
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Re: New members

@jayflood a.k.a brokeman? You did not state that in th rules :( Will try to post more to get the 4 needed :)

Done!!! Please disregard the message above .
by Tonio
28 Dec 2010, 16:46
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Topic: [sticky] Just To Say Hi
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Re: Just To Say Hi

Hi! To all. I am here to try to help in testing & other ways I could help.