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by mychance
23 Jan 2013, 18:15
Forum: Newbie questions
Topic: Persistence for Dummies - Please
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Persistence for Dummies - Please

Hi, I am trying to activate persistence on a USB key with Porteaus 1.2. I went to Porteus save.dat Manager and set up a .dat file. This far I could figure out. Then a message appears that I have to add "changes=/mnt/sdb1/mychance.dat" to the bootloader config. I guess that the bootloader config woul...
by mychance
19 Feb 2012, 17:42
Forum: Newbie questions
Topic: Default root password for the Live CD
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Default root password for the Live CD

Hi, I am trying to install Porteus on a portable device and when I open Porteus installer, I am asked for a root password. I tried "Porteus", "user", "password", and even leave it blank but with no avail. I watched the install video tutorial and we can see that the guy is typing 4 characters but the...