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by Miniamba
15 Apr 2015, 05:56
Forum: Russian
Topic: СОФТ и инструкции для Porteus-5.x
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Re: СОФТ для Porteus-3.x (обновления на 17.03.2015)

Подскажите где раздобыть модуль программы для скана wi-fi каналов в округе, аналог inSSIDer или сам inSSIDer?
by Miniamba
14 Apr 2015, 05:55
Forum: x86_64 xzm module requests
Topic: [Solved] Skype 6.0 and later
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[Solved] Skype 6.0 and later

I need a new latest version of skype for my mom very much, she is accostumed to use windows latest version with different thingies. 4.3 is so bad for her, that she cry every day and ask me to return "as it was before" (on windows) but her notebook is so weak, that other OSes work really bad and slow...