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by ThePilot
10 Aug 2013, 05:30
Forum: Newbie questions
Topic: Upgrade from RC2
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Upgrade from RC2

Now that the new update has been released, how can I apply it to my system without completely reinstalling?
by ThePilot
07 Aug 2013, 12:04
Forum: Development
Topic: Feedback and Bug Reports for Porteus v2.1 RC2
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Re: Feedback and Bug Reports for Porteus v2.1 RC2

I'm sorry! I'm new here and just found this thread...I just made a post in the bug reports forum about 2.1 RC2.

I also didn't mention there, but I'm using razor-qt 32bit.
by ThePilot
07 Aug 2013, 11:58
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Time and changes=EXIT
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Time and changes=EXIT

Two things I've noticed since using Porteus: 1. I have my system clock set to localtime, but I have to go into Porteus settings and change that every time I boot up (I have changes=EXIT:/porteus set). 2. I had installed Porteus before without changes=EXIT, but when I switched over to that the X wind...
by ThePilot
06 Aug 2013, 11:44
Forum: Community effort
Topic: [SOLVED] An alternative "changes" cheat code
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Re: [SOLVED] An alternative "changes" cheat code

Hello everybody! I'm brand new here, and had a question regarding this... I want to do a frugal install (so it's loaded to RAM) but I want all my changes saved to my HDD (I'll be using the entire drive for Porteus). Should I just use normal changes=/dev/sda1 or should I do changes=EXIT:/dev/sda1? Is...