Zram, how to enable? (in Manjaro/Arch-Porteus)

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Zram, how to enable? (in Manjaro/Arch-Porteus)

Post#1 by ElectriQT » 25 Jan 2017, 12:03

Hi, long time since I was here, and the main reason for that:
The Porteus 3.5 Nemesis works so nice for me! With the frequent updates and all. :- )

(I have seen some small bugs since I started, had to change upower / pm-util,
needed to remove a symlink libcadec to be able to update,
but I did figure how to solve this problems by my self)

I am glad to see that the Arch-Manjaro-Porteus project still going on / restarted,
In my opinion this is the best one so far, almost bug free
I really like LXDE, and the automatic security updates in Manjaro-linux, and so on,
however.. there is some memory leak, probably in the html5 player or in Firefox.
Sometimes I have no HDD, but now it is installed on a very small HDD
I don't use any swap-partition, so then suddenly it can freeze the
system ..really hard.., Sometimes even the sysRq "R E I S U B" will not work,
A hard power off seems to be the only way if it really freezes everything before I can "killall firefox" :- /

Q. What is the correct method to enable Z-ram in this version?

I am almost new to Linux, so I am not 100% sure about how to do this,
I found some scripts here:

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Re: Zram,how to enable?

Post#2 by Blaze » 25 Jan 2017, 16:39

Try zram=25% in /mnt/sdb1/boot/syslinux/porteus.cfg

For example

APPEND initrd=initrd.xz changes=/porteus zram=25%

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Re: Zram,how to enable? (in Manjaro/Arch-Porteus)

Post#3 by ElectriQT » 26 Jan 2017, 00:46

Blaze wrote: boot/syslinux/porteus.cfg
APPEND initrd=initrd.xz changes=/porteus zram=25%
-Nope,that did not work :- (

top (Htop) tells me: "Swp 0k/0k"

Maybe I need to shut of any running normal Harddrive-swap first?
[Edit: No, no difference. I tried swapon / swapoff -a ]

EDIT, I have the LXDE-version of Manjaro/Arch based PorteusNemesis3.5,
(I had no issues with Zram in the Slackwarebased Porteus)
All the latest updates from Manjaro installed with pacman update manager.)
EDIT, I Removed some redundant text. Moved a part of it to a second question about the Firewall.

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Re: Zram, how to enable? (in Manjaro/Arch-Porteus)

Post#4 by normalGuy » 26 Jan 2017, 21:13

Maybe cheatcode:

... Prevents the automatic use of an existing swap partition.
By default, Porteus searches your attached drives for
partitions that are formatted as swap, and will mount them
for use within Porteus. The 'noswap' cheatcode disables
this behaviour.
Works with me with arch in HD and porteus Usb.

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