manjaro or ubuntu

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Re: manjaro or ubuntu

Post#31 by neko » 08 Dec 2016, 13:13

Today I met a trouble generated from Arch rolling release.
All packages of 001-core were updated by Arch rolling release.
wget package is included in 001-core of APorteus.
wget was updated.
It needs new libraries.
But package construct of 001-core is not changed.



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Re: manjaro or ubuntu

Post#32 by Evan » 10 Feb 2017, 06:23

Last year i would have said Ubuntu for it's hardware support but after spending the last few months playing around with different Linux Distro's i've grown to dislike Ubuntu base for being slow and sluggish in comparison with others , even standard debian seems faster.

I'm absolutely blown away by the latest Porteus Cinnamon for both speed and size , so i'm not sure how many other bases you could achieve that with.

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