How to print with Porteus

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How to print with Porteus

Postby robby3000 » 04 Jul 2017, 17:11


I couldn't find much info about printing. I did find a link to a file ... 07-printing-i586-18.01.2017.xzm which I added to my modules folder. This created an item in the System Tools menu called 'Manage Printing' which links through to the CUPS 2.1.4 Admin.

I am using a printer called HP Envy 5540 and trying to connect to it via wifi. CUPS cannot find the printer even though they are both connected to the same wifi router.

What should I be doing to set up printing?

I found a couple of old threads about HPLIP:
HPLIP and Py Qt4...
building hplip as a module as porteus printing solution

... but these are for old versions of Porteus. What is the current advice?

Many thanks

(running Porteus 3.2.2 32-bit with Mate)
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Re: How to print with Porteus

Postby Ed_P » 04 Jul 2017, 17:42

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Re: How to print with Porteus

Postby Blaze » 05 Jul 2017, 18:00

Hi robby3000.
The laste version of printing module for i586 architecture is 07-printing-i586-03.02.2017.xzm (with old CUPS)
For x86_64 you can find a more new version in this topic Printing and scanning for Porteus and manually update CUPS to higher version.
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