Whitelist of URL does not allow about:certerror url

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Whitelist of URL does not allow about:certerror url

Postby JamesM » 02 Jun 2017, 17:20

I am new to this but setting up and using the white list url flag for a single url (in fact a ip address) with a self signed certificate leads to a page with the padlock error. I am guessing the security exception error message is stored on a url that I need to also white list.

Looking at dev tools it appears to be


Is this valid for the url white list given that it is not a real url ?

To get away from having to do a custom ISO build I am also useing "disable_private_mode=yes" ISO rebuilding from windows seems like its not supported :-( Time to break out a copy of Linux?
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Re: Whitelist of URL does not allow about:certerror url

Postby fanthom » 02 Jun 2017, 17:43

Hello James,

Maybe it would be better to import this self signed cert to the system and avoid error page?

Unless you want this warning to be displayed to the user?

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