Will there be a Porteus-XFCE-v3.2.2-i486.iso?

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Will there be a Porteus-XFCE-v3.2.2-i486.iso?

Postby dstarke » 02 Mar 2017, 15:51

I would like to construct an iso that allows for booting into either i486 or i586 using the same 32-bit modules. I assume this won't work with Porteus-XFCE-v3.2.2-i586 and Porteus-XFCE-v3.1-i486. Must I compile this myself?
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Re: Will there be a Porteus-XFCE-v3.2.2-i486.iso?

Postby Ed_P » 02 Mar 2017, 18:26

I believe brokenman has said he was dropping 486 support. He just doesn't have the time to do both levels.

Dual-booting two isos, or two installs, which share a common module folder could work.
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Re: Will there be a Porteus-XFCE-v3.2.2-i486.iso?

Postby brokenman » 03 Mar 2017, 01:33

We follow slackware which has adopted i586 and dropped i486 AFAIK for slackware 14.2 (Porteus v3.2), so this follows on to Porteus too.
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