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Black ninja
Black ninja
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Post#1 by rych » 03 Oct 2017, 01:36

Could someone please build the Mega cloud storage (a generous 50GB free) fuse mount client below (with cache, hence hopefully fast)?

this needs to be compiled from source apparently with these dependencies

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- GNU Readline (libreadline-dev, readline-devel)
- Crypto++ (libcrypto++-dev, cryptopp-devel)
- FreeImage (libfreeimage-dev, freeimage-devel)
- Berkeley DB C++ (libdb++-dev, db4-devel)
- cURL (libcurl-dev, curl-devel) built with --enable-ares

DEV Team
DEV Team
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Post#2 by fulalas » 07 Oct 2017, 19:18

Have you tried to convert from this?

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