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HTML5 videos GPU accelerated

Postby fulalas » 18 Mar 2017, 00:33

From Opera web browser:

Most graphics processing units (GPUs) can decode videos highly efficiently. With this release, we will send even more videos to the GPU for decoding on Windows. This will allow for significantly higher framerates, higher resolutions, and lower battery usage for these videos.

Since we (sadly) do not have access to all possible graphics cards and drivers, we are keen to hear about your experiences here. So try watching HTML5 videos and listen to an audio file, and if something is broken, please let us know in a comment or bug report. You can disable and enable the new code through the #media-windows-mf-demuxer flag in opera:flags.

Big Buck Bunny (from HTTP links) is always a good test:

A web page can play native videos through two different APIs: a streaming API (MSE) and by using video and source tags directly. This release makes the video and source tag API hardware-accelerated when using an H.264 (mp4) video on Windows, just as the streaming API has done for a long time.

If this works well, we want to do the same for Mac and Linux.

Source: ... born-club/

Finally! :good:
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