Porteus-v3.2rc5 is released.

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Porteus-v3.2rc5 is released.

Postby brokenman » 09 Sep 2016, 23:21

We are gleefull to announce the release of the next lightweight portable Porteus-v3.2rc5. This is the last release candidate before the final is released.

You can download the ISO files from any of our mirrors

A full ChangeLog and any bug reports can be found here.

This release upgrades to kernel-4.7.2, updates many packages, fixes most reported bugs from rc4 and makes a major update to KDE5 which seems more responsive now.

Thank you to our testers, you have done a great job and a special thanks to all donators. These donations will ensure the continued development of Porteus. You can make a donation here. Every little bit helps.
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