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Re: [How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 05 Apr 2017, 22:59
by ncmprhnsbl
heres an another set of updates, links in first post..
some 'key' packages that might be important..

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core= archlinux-keyring eudev gpgme libeudev libinput libsodium libutil-linux ntfs-3g ntp openrc openvpn pacman pacman-mirrors screen tzdata util-linux
pacaur cower
pacman-mirrorlist [removal]

gui= libcups libglvnd libpng mesa mhwd mhwd-db xf86-video-intel

xtra= libbsd libimobiledevice libva libva-intel-driver libwbclient libx264 sdl
have included update of mesa to 17.02 (with its new dependency libglvnd) despite possible problems for nvidia card users.. let me know if this is a problem...
new package, pacman-mirrors replaces pacman-mirrorlist (this might effect setup-pman script, havn't tested)
included updated cower and pacaur, although they aren't useful without a devel module(which we dont have)
francois wrote:Maybe we might provide a nemesis download on the main page

i'll at least link to this topic...

Re: [How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 08:55
by ncmprhnsbl
new updates: 23-april-2017 --links in first post
most notable change is the removal of consolekit, replaced by elogind(which is logind split from systemd)..
whichs means we no longer need special -consolekit packages(networkmanager, lxdm etc)..
removed consolekit and cgmanager services from /etc/runlevels/default/ and added elogind..
added guest to 'network' group and added a polkit rule(etc/polkit-1/rules.d/50-org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.rules) to allow guest to manage network connections..
eudev-openrc replaces udev-openrc..

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core:[remove] cgmanager-openrc consolekit consolekit-openrc networkmanager-consolekit polkit-consolekit udev-openrc udev-openrc
-Sw acpid-openrc cronie-openrc dbus-openrc device-mapper device-mapper-openrc dhcpcd-openrc elogind elogind-openrc eudev-openrc gdbm glibc-openrc gnupg gpm-openrc haveged-openrc inetutils-openrc iproute2 iptables iptables-openrc libedit mdadm-openrc nano netifrc networkmanager networkmanager-openrc ntp-openrc openssh-openrc openvpn-openrc pacman-mirrors  polkit-elogind rfkill sqlite syslog-ng-openrc zeromq
gui: [remove] pm-utils

-Sw libdrm libpciaccess mesa xorg-server xorg-server-common
xtra: -Sw alsa-utils-openrc ffmpeg fftw libass libbluray libva libva-intel-driver libwbclient x265 

Re: [How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 05 Jun 2017, 22:47
by ncmprhnsbl
two sets of updates: 18-05 and 31-05 links in first post updated..
first 18-05:

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bluez-libs ca-certificates-mozilla coreutils curl dconf dbus-elogind device-mapper-nosystemd elogind eudev fuse-common glib-networking glib2 gnupg gnutls gpgme gsettings-desktop-schemas iana-etc iproute2 iputils krb5 ldns libarchive libelogind libeudev libevdev libgudev libinput libldap libmm-glib libnewt libnghttp2 libnm libnm-glib libproxy libpsl libsasl libsecret libsoup libssh2 libtirpc libxml2 logrotate lynx nano ncurses networkmanager nspr nss ntp openrc openssh openssl openvpn pacman pacman-mirrors pkcs11-helper python unrar wpa_supplicant

new pkgs=libnghttp2 >new dep for curl
    dconf      >new dep for gsettings-desktop-schemas
now 128.5mb!  /usr/share/lib/ is now 38.7mb! (from 17.4mb) = 10mb  = 25mb 
removed js17 (obsolete?>no longer in repo)   

atk freetype2 gdk-pixbuf2 graphite gtk-update-icon-cache harfbuzz libcroco libdrm libepoxy librsvg libtiff libunwind llvm-libs mesa mhwd-nvidia pango vte-common xf86-input-libinput xf86-video-intel xf86-video-nouveau xorg-xkbcomp 

at-spi2-atk at-spi2-core ffmpeg icu libcdio-paranoia libevent libgusb libplist libpulse libsndfile libssh libwebp opencore-amr orc v4l-utils x265 xdg-utils
at this point syslog-ng-nosystemd was broken by new openssl package, so waited for a rebuilt package, which has not happened..
so rebuilt it myself(in a full arch(obarun>arch with runit) install)
31-05 update:

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dialog dmidecode elogind glib2 gnupg gnutls hdparm hwids iana-etc libatomic_ops libelogind libmm-glib logrotate npth openrc openssl openvpn pacman-mirrors sudo xfsprogs
rebuilt syslog-ng-nosystemd against new openssl> now working
firewall not starting at boot via  /config/services
to start firewall: as root do:  /etc/init.d/iptables save
                                then:  rc-service iptables start
          check services with: rc-status

freetype2 imlib2 jasper libdrm libtiff llvm-libs mesa pango
gui now 45mb:
llvm-libs now 48 meg
mesa now 6 meg

alsa-lib alsa-utils ffmpeg libwbclient libx264 opus

Re: [How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 07 Jun 2017, 04:18
by francois
Thanks for that upgrade. Very appreciated.
Nemesis is lean, and works fine on my old Dell Optiflex 746 desktop.

Re: [How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 27 Jun 2017, 00:35
by ncmprhnsbl
new update: 26-june-2017 (links in first post)
first did # pacman-mirrors -c Australia
obviously use your country...
pacman -Syyu

core= first: archlinux-keyring-20170611-1 manjaro-keyring-20170603-1(installed to the live system(afterwards to the core fakeroot))

ca-certificates-mozilla cgmanager cower curl diffutils elfutils elogind eudev-systemd file filesystem fuse-common gcc-libs glib2 glibc gnupg gnutls inxi ipw2100-fw ipw2200-fw krb5 libelf libelogind libeudev-systemd libgcrypt libgudev-nosystemd libinput-nosystemd libldap libmm-glib libnghttp2 libproxy libtasn1 libtool libusb-nosystemd libutil-linux-nosystemd libwacom-nosystemd nano ncurses npth nspr nss openrc openssl p11-kit pacaur pacman pacman-mirrors perl procps-ng-elogind sqlite sudo texinfo unrar util-linux-nosystemd wpa_supplicant

ignoring: git perl-error(pacaur and cower are now in manjaro repo so tries to pull these deps, but should be in devel.xzm(someday)) (using pacman -Sddw)
replacing: libgudev libinput libusb libwacom libutil-linux procps-ng util-linux
with 'nosystemd' equivalents:
libgudev-nosystemd libinput-nosystemd libusb-nosystemd libwacom-nosystemd libutil-linux-nosystemd procps-ng-elogind util-linux-nosystemd

gui= cairo fontconfig fontsproto gtk-update-icon-cache libepoxy libunwind mesa mhwd mhwd-amdgpu mhwd-db mhwd-nvidia-340xx xf86-video-intel alsa-lib xkeyboard-config xorg-server-common-nosystemd xorg-server-nosystemd xterm
replacing: xorg-server-common xorg-server
with 'nosystemd' equivalents:
xorg-server-common-nosystemd xorg-server-nosystemd

xtra= alsa-lib ffmpeg hdf5 libass libbluray libgusb libmodplug libssh libusbmuxd libva libva-intel-driver libwbclient mpg123 opus

note: probably need to do setup-pman to refresh the keys and mirrors before using pman or pacman (i just manually copied the relevent files to my pacman-settings.xzm)

[How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 05 Aug 2017, 00:37
by ncmprhnsbl
New update: 05-August-2017 (links in first post)
Manjaro-openrc project is to be discontinued and replaced by new project Artix-linux which can be used in conjunction with Manjaro (or Arch) to use alternitive(to systemd) init systems.
openrc replaces sysvinit with its own openrc-init
/etc/mtab is no longer used, breaking auto-login (have a solution, will make separate topic)
001-core grows some more(now 136mb) mostly because python3.6 is bigger
/etc/pacman.d/ now contains mirrorlist and mirrorlist-manjaro and /etc/pacman.conf is set to use Artix repos instead of Manjaro for core and Manjaro for extra and community, with Artix taking precedence for any packages that are in both.. command: setup-pman will probably break this by overwriting mirrorlist. note. mirrorlist is uncommented so, perhaps check though it for your closest mirror and comment all others. i have included this in core, so if you have a pacman-settings.xzm either remove it or update it by copying /etc/pacman.d/*, /etc/pacman.conf and /var/lib/pacman/sync and /var/lib/pacman/local/ALPM_DB_VERSION (but not the package info files)
i expect these changes may cause havoc with existing DE modules and /changes ... solution= start fresh :sorry:

pkg updates/changes:

Code: Select all

replace from artix  base base-devel +updates
openrc acpid acpid-openrc bash bluez-libs ca-certificates-mozilla cronie-openrc curl dbus dbus-openrc device-mapper-openrc dhclient dhcpcd-openrc dmidecode dnssec-anchors elfutils elogind elogind-openrc eudev eudev-openrc expat filesystem fuse-common gcc-libs glib2 glibc glibc-openrc gnutls gpm-openrc grep haveged haveged-openrc inetutils-openrc inxi iproute2 iptables-openrc jansson libarchive libelf libelogind libeudev libgcrypt libnl libnm libnm-glib libsodium libtirpc libutil-linux libxml2 lm_sensors logrotate mdadm-openrc nano netifrc networkmanager networkmanager-openrc nspr nss ntp ntp-openrc openrc openssh-openrc openssl opensysusers openvpn openvpn-openrc pacaur pacman pam pambase pcre polkit popt procps-ng psmisc python rsync screen shadow syslog-ng-openrc tcl texinfo unrar util-linux xfsprogs zeromq device-mapper dhcpcd libgudev libinput libusb libwacom syslog-ng sqlite wpa_supplicant zlib  

avahi gdk-pixbuf2 harfbuzz jasper libcups libjpeg-turbo libpng librsvg libtiff llvm-libs mesa pango upower xkeyboard-config xterm xf86-input-libinput xorg-server-common xorg-server xf86-video-ati xf86-video-intel

alsa-utils-openrc ffmpeg libbsd libevent libx264 mpg123 opus orc sdl2 usbmuxd xdg-user-dirs

all *-nosystemd and *-elogind packages replaced with there equivalents
ALSO Have changed some commands for getting package lists in first post.. Turns out having list in one line isn't neccessary as this list can be appended to pacman from a file with names on each line. As well as a way to get only the updates for each module using comm.

[How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 05 Aug 2017, 11:55
by francois
Still I am quite happy that you continue to maintain nemesis. I will test the thing. Basic DE are easy to install under nemesis. Thanks. :)

[How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 12 Aug 2017, 11:47
by wread
Doktorarbeit :book:

[How to] manually upgrade 3.5 base modules

Posted: 12 Aug 2017, 14:41
by francois
Hi wread. So you are also using nemesis?