Another Praise but with a curse!

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Another Praise but with a curse!

Postby MGarcia » 10 Apr 2016, 16:44

Excellent job with Porteus speed, usability and usb live version friendly OS.

Unfortunately for me, even though I have been working with the live version with persistent changes in a couple of different versions, I like better the MATE versions but both have a way to get into some type of loop that makes the LED blink in a certain pattern that freezes everything and does not allow me to continue working, to the point of forcing me to just do a hard re-boot because the Ctr-Alt-Delete doesn't even work.

After so many years of Linux and endless distros, I'm fed up with unstable OSs and it's a shame that I'm still searching for one that is stable and does not prevent me from doing my job and waste time waiting for the system to end that senseless endless loop without a way to stop the culprit process.

I've used some systems that have a way to "kill the process" but evidently Porteus is not one of them, shame!

I guess I'll have to keep waiting, move along to use a different OS until Proteus becomes more stable.

That's why I'm extremely hesitant in donating or worst, paying for software that might in the end not do the trick as advertised.

If you have any fixes and more stability, please, let us know.

I'll keep visiting your site for updates.

Thank you.
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Re: Another Praise but with a curse!

Postby francois » 10 Apr 2016, 17:46

Porteus or linux freezes,Ctrl+alt+F1 or Ctrl+alt+F2 is a way to get out of it. There is also, alt+sysrq+BUSIER-reversed (REISUB: Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring): ... op-freezes
Pushing down the power button should send the poweroff command.

Some members transform their changes into a module, this in case of a crash they will still have their basic settings. You can do this with:
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Are you on linux filesystem or fat32?
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