Luv it!

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Luv it!

Postby Englischdude » 02 May 2015, 21:30

I am an avid Linux Mint user on all my home desktops, however I was looking for a distro which I could run from an SD card for use during travels on my work laptop, which had both skype and flash support out of the box. I tried Puppy, but skype was a problem because of the alsa/pulse saga. Porteus looks a thousand times better than puppy and everything works as required out of the box. a bonus is the ability to save the session for the next reboot, and...... it is faaaast!!

A mega enthusiastic 2 thumbs up. I believe to have found exactly what I was looking for in a mobile distro, for which I have happily donated today to the porteus project.

Many many thanks for your work and dedication.


White ninja
White ninja
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Re: Luv it!

Postby libernux » 02 May 2015, 23:28

Glad you like it!
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Re: Luv it!

Postby Rava » 03 May 2015, 16:03

that's lovely to hear, seeing as our years long work on our OS pays off for you. :friends:
Yours Rava
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