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FURRY_NOVA - 24 Jun 2017, 23:29
https://i.imgsafe.org is down for me @ neko, also it's best to make a thread about the issue @ anditsung
neko - 25 Jun 2017, 05:14
@FURRY_NOVA, thank you for your kindness. Next time I will try to upload an image on the site that you introduced.
Evan - 25 Jun 2017, 23:18
@ neko - Have you tried the Budgie desktop? https://github.com/budgie-desktop/budgie-desktop
Evan - 25 Jun 2017, 23:21
That's not a request for it to be added , I just wonderd if you had tried it and what your opinion was as it's a really nice desktop coded by a Irish guy that works for Intel in the Linux department.
neko - 26 Jun 2017, 03:46
@Evan, thank you for your introducing the Budgie desktop. I don't know it. I am interest to it. But now I have many issues. I will put it on my next plan. Thanks.
Evan - 26 Jun 2017, 05:50
Thanks Neko , apart from you are busy with issues i wouldn't try it at the moment as its about to go through big changes such as swaping from GTK to QT. :)
Evan - 26 Jun 2017, 05:51
You may have heard of (or currently use!) Budgie Desktop. It's a minimal, but full featured, workspace currently based upon the GNOME/GTK stack. (The developer has announced they will be moving to QT in the future). Recently, the creator of Solus & Budgie, Ikey Doherty, left his job at Intel to work on the Solus Project full time. This, coupled with another developer, Stefan Ric, joining the team means that Solus users should prepare for an influx of new development
Evan - 26 Jun 2017, 05:52
So best left for the future when they have made their changes. :)
neko - 26 Jun 2017, 08:22
@Evan, it sounds a happiness tone for me that "It's a minimal, but full featured".
Evan - 26 Jun 2017, 08:29
The developer Ikey Doherty seems to be making quite a name for himself as he is also working on a linux-driver-management for auto detection of hardware that Arch is interested in. :) https://github.com/solus-project/linux-driver-management
Announcement: The Porteus Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Porteus Desktop 3.2.2 and Porteus Kiosk 4.2.0! Go here for more information.
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