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Blaze - 23 Jun 2017, 18:03
New Moon browser for the lightweight systems Image Image
hypomania - 23 Jun 2017, 18:58
I tested other new linux distros and I found right click doesn't work too, except Fedora
hypomania - 23 Jun 2017, 18:58
but it's work with usb mouse
hypomania - 23 Jun 2017, 19:05
but it's work with usb mouse and work in browser too
FURRY_NOVA - 23 Jun 2017, 21:42
I didn't think those old PS/2 port type mouse would still be used today. USB has become the future. 8)
neko - 24 Jun 2017, 01:43
Why can't I insert the image https://i.imgsafe.org/1b9ebdf623.png ? error message "It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image. Please verify that the URL you entered is correct."
fulalas - 24 Jun 2017, 02:11
@neko, I can't open this image.
anditsung - 24 Jun 2017, 02:19
im using usb mouse and enable mouse using right_mouse_click=yes
anditsung - 24 Jun 2017, 02:19
still not working on the browser. im using porteus kiosk 4.40
neko - 24 Jun 2017, 02:36
@fulalas, thank you for your test. I push the URL with left button on Google-chrome web browser, and then image appears. Something might be wrong in my environment. I will try to upload images on another image upload site.
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