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Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 05:42
@ FURRY_NOVA - LOL , sounds only slightly better than Windows 3.1. :)
FURRY_NOVA - 29 Jun 2017, 05:48
I was shown it at college for a demonstration on other operating systems.
Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 05:49
@ fulalas -
brokenman wrote:THanks Francois. Maybe another reason to move the base towards ubuntu. You can't beat it for compatibility.
Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 05:49
The internet is full of people saying how great Ubuntu is for compatibility and hardware detection but i stopped using Ubuntu years ago when i couldn't move the side bar :D , so i'm just conveying what over people have to say , but when ever the subject comes up why is Ubuntu so bloated yet so popular with users and Vendors then 'superior hardware detection' is often the reason given , maybe i'm a fool to believe it but i did start my sentence as saying "maybe this is wrong" :)
FURRY_NOVA - 29 Jun 2017, 05:51
I've tried many different distributions other month ago. I thought Xubuntu was the most easilest out of the large installs for hard drives. I think it's possible to remove the bloat with apt-get or their program listing app.
FURRY_NOVA - 29 Jun 2017, 05:54
If I recall different distributions had different issues. Like forcing user to have password. No account manager. Some installers were near the same when running on Virtual Box.
Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 06:09
I've lost count the amount of times i've nearly installed to the wrong partition or drive. :)
Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 11:23
@ fulalas - Feels like you have been back and forth on the forth on the forum for like the last 24 hours , dont you ever sleep? :)
Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 11:24
DOH! - your not the only one that can't type in Mini-Chat , i'll try again.
Evan - 29 Jun 2017, 11:25
@ fulalas - Feels like you have been back and forth on the forum for the last 24 hours , dont you ever sleep?
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